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Trenton’s Stores

Trenton’s Stores

From Ruthie Berkelhammer
Peoria, Arizona
Berk's Drug Store  

912 Pennington Avenue
Albert Berkelhammer, R. Dr.

Dad opened the store in 1942.It was cheap and he didn't want to take money from his sisters and yes the plant was great. Everyone loved him. He would open 9-5. Come upstairs for an hour, eat and nap and reopen at 6 til 9. Closed on Sundays. Always took off for all the high holidays.

No other pharmacies nearby.  When Korvettes opened that was some competition. Zabinsky, Bloomberg, Zimskind That's who I remember. Sold the store when I was finished with Douglass and started working for other pharmacies. 
[Ruthie’s brother, Eddie was Best Man at Wedding with Linda]
{Ed’s daughter, Lara Berk played Annie on Broadway)

Date of Birth
1972, Short Hills, New Jersey, USA
Birth Name
Lara Berkelhammer
Mathew Glazier
(? - present) 1 child

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
From Tony Siegel, Scottsdale, AZ
Siegel’s Stationery
S. Stockton Street

My father owned and operated Siegle Brothers, a wholesale house (not a stationary store) late of 28 North Stockton Street right next to Rossi Bakery, smell and all. The business going way back was on Hanover Street in my early days operated by my grandfather Sam Siegle. Dad and his brother Sydney Siegle (father of Phil Siegle) ran it until Syd's death in 1868. Dad ran it solely until his passing in 1972. My mother Ruth, still alive and kicking in Greenwood House ran it until the doors closed in 1986 or so. It's local competitors were Harold Anshen and Luis Kuperschmidt. Trenton Tobacco was also in the mix.

I lived all my Trenton days in West Trenton, first Sanhican Drive and then to Cadwalader Drive. Each day was a prized possession. I have virtually no history with South Trenton. At least while I was around, both parental grandparents lives on West State Street till the die they died. 

We are members of Adath Israel until my grandfather, a pillar in the synagogue,  passed in 1957. We then changed to Har Sanai.

I knew David and Howard Finkle quite well and Lester was my Dad's doctor. I presume you were related to them? [Yes. Great people]

Attended Junior Three (1954) and THS (1957)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Born in Philadelphia, the Coopers moved when Mr. Cooper took as offer of a major family owned Trenton Department Store  as Furniture Salesperson.  His son, Ted, matriculated and graduated  Trenton high School
After mjoring in ‘Enetemology at Colorado University, serving the medic corps in Korea, Theodore H. Cooper Ted Cooper returned to Trenton. He had stints in Washington, DC and worked As  a furniture salesperson at Sanborn’s Furniture in Trenton.

Initially, he caught on with the cleaning and maintenance Company applying his skills for pest control. He also had a few other jobs. Finally, he knew he had to concentrate on his own business.
So in 1955, he opened Cooper Pest Control; placed an ad  in the Yellow pages; networked and soon he began a business that has grown to more than 77 employees.

Renamed Cooper Pest Solutions
,  the company is now a second generation family run business. Theodore and Sybil Cooper’s sons, Phillip and Richard, contributed their own talents on the changing industry and the new issues.
Phillip Cooper, President of Cooper Pest Solutions, author
and customer service consultant maintains client 

A Nationally recognized entomologist (now pursuing his doctorate), Richard Cooper utilizes his knowledge of bug biology and behavior to control and prevent pest solutions issues that also are environment tally friendly. In addition, the company also houses a talent pool that is passionate about researching and informing.

Employing 77 employees, Copper Pest Solutions services all of New Jersey and the Bucks County-Philadelphia region, including some Philadelphia Hospitals.

In 2007, Cooper Pest Solutions created Bed Bug Central, an information resource and website available to the public to give information on bed bugs and bed bug related issues. Since its inception, Bed Bug Central has expanded to include a web series entitled Bed Bug TV, hosted by research entomologist Jeff White. Jeff also appears on an Animal Planet Channel and National Geographic Channel. He appeared on NBC's "Today Show", ABC's "World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer" and "Dateline", among others.

In 2010, Cooper was named by INC. Magazine as one of the Top Small Companies to Work for in the Nation. In 2011, the company was awarded the prestigious 2011 Angie's List Super Service Award and was honored with the New Jersey Family Business of the Year award from the Rothman Institute. Most recently in 2012, Cooper Pest Solutions was selected as a 2012 "Top Business" by

Phillip Cooper gives back, using his bike riding skills to raise MONEY FOR multiple sclerosis. He has a website detailing his sponsorships Phil Across This year he will raise $50,000 for The National Multiple sclerosis Society. The non-profits mission is to rid the world multiple sclerosis.



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  1. Ted Cooper and his lovely wife were genuine real people. I was a customer, and more importantly as Ted would say, " a friend". As a licensed health inspector with the City of Trenton, I often would consult with Ted on a new, and suspious breed of bug. He was Always there to help. I miss the guy.
    I got to know one of his sons briefly before retiring. A chip off the old block, knowlegeable and helpful.
    Best wishes for continued success.

    Mike Kuzma